21-30 August 2021

Artists 2020

Hannah Whittaker

Hannah Whittaker is a performance maker - creating intimate performances, one on one encounters and digital installations. The focus of her work is interactivity, between an audience member and either herself or an interface. She uses this medium of interaction to facilitate dialogues that explore topics around the human condition. She seeks to produce work that directly engages people both physically and emotionally, striving to give them an experience that will impact lives post-performance and challenge audience perceptions of the world – from the mundane to the marvellous.

Jane Pitt

Jane Pitt is based in Medway. She makes site-responsive works that include sound, performance and text. Often in unusual public spaces, on land, water and in moving vehicles. Her work evokes a heightened awareness of the environment and encourages a curiosity in the topography and complexity of a place. Recent work includes: Fl-utter-ances (Tree Songs) for Inside Out Dorset 2018; Maunder Maps at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, Sussex, UK; a collaborative artist film project The Sea; in Ireland and an international residency UZarts/Sura Medura – Sri Lanka. Total Theatre describes Jane's work.."Such a nurturing work of art – truly food for the soul."

Rianna Patterson

Rianna Patterson is a self-taught illustration and videographer/photographer. She is also the founder of Dominica Dementia Foundation and named a Queens Young Leader in 2017. Rianna has been involved in social media campaigns such as time to talk firstly introduced by Time to Change UK. Rianna has participated in the 1st TrapxArt London Exhibition. She has also done videography for the Model Workshop in London. Rianna was also a development assistant for KMTV. She has also been featured on Comic Relief, BBC and a podcast called Black Gals Livin. Her passion for art, media and film has grown over the years.

John Vincent

John is a multidisciplinary artist working in painting, video, digital art and photography. He has exhibited nationally and internationally including ‘A Garden Futuricity’ at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth (2020) and ‘Cuts’ in Locarno, Switzerland (2007). He has a BA and MA in Fine Art and is a previous prize winner at the Creekside Open (2011). A former fellow of Digswell Arts, he now has a studio at Eastcheap Studios in Letchworth Garden City.

Manisha Dusila

I'm a graduate of UCA and professionally trained in the arts. I specialise in illustration and concept art, and have a passion for creativity. I have enjoyed drawing ever since I could learn how to use a pencil, and enjoy the process of creating artwork. Currently working as a freelance illustrator, I take commissions from clients and make their ideas into reality, always doodling new characters and concepts, taking inspiration from Ancient Egypt, to street fashion; plants and animals, to outer space and creating new species. An endless amount of imagination and creativity is what makes illustrating so exciting and enjoyable for me.

Jake Cowx

Hi I’m Jake, and I’m an Illustrator and Background Painter based in Rochester. I'm currently studying Illustration and Animation with UCA '23, and hope to work in Background and Environment Art for TV and Game. I love working with heavy textures and warm lighting, and can't get enough of the colour orange!

Maureen Wolloshin

Maureen Wolloshin is a British-Russian improviser, composer, researcher, and oboist. Her research aims to make visible the internal and social journeys of the contemporary female improvising musician in Britain. It investigates gender, social construct, emotion and instrument as barriers and facilitators. Maureen performs with the Free Range Orchestra in Canterbury and Trio CZW, a collaboration with award winning British-Colombian violinist and composer Alistair Zaldua and acclaimed composer, improviser and flautist Paul Cheneour. As a composer, Maureen is interested in the relationship between sound, colour, touch and improvisation. She combines watercolour graphic score making with practices derived from Scottish piobaireachd and Arabic music.

Loosely Woven Theatre

We’re a bold new contemporary theatre company in Kent, run by Artistic Directors Jack Thomson (Actor, Education Manager, Director) and Sarah Davies (Drama Lecturer, Playwright, Improviser). We tell exciting stories in flexible ways, specialising in site specific immersive theatre. Our debut production Left Behind, set in an abandoned attic had a five star sold out run in Faversham Fringe 2019, and we gained a commission with Folkestone Living Advent Calendar for our Christmas show. During lockdown, we’ve also explored digital performance, applying innovative virtual technology to short play Beef Encounter, screened on YouTube and produced by Virtual Director Boyd Branch.

Emily Berry

Emily is currently a Second Year Student at the University of Kent studying Drama and Theatre. Although she comes from a more acting background she has become more interested in writing and been using lockdown to give it a go, to which she has discovered a love for spoken word and monologues which she has been busying herself with. Additionally, her writing has been lucky enough to be featured in a few Scratch nights recently too. Originally from London, she is excited to come back for her second year at university and continue more writing into the future.

Dee Thrussell

I have been teaching for over 30 years at various places including MidKent College and Aon Insurance Brokers. I now work for futureCodersSE teaching Python programming and home tutoring, helping learners get back into mainstream education. I especially love working with younger learners on Turtle graphics - this has given me a new approach to teaching that is fun, engaging and develops learner’s problem solving, logic and maths skills. I am passionate about teaching and helping individuals to achieve their full potential.

Cybersaur Arts

PLAY CREATE DISCOVER. EXPERIENCE DIGITAL WORLDS CREATED TO INSPIRE MOVEMENT. Cybersaur Arts is a new collaborative company providing digital interactive performances. The company is run by two innovative artists James Middleton and Josh Garner who bring considerable skills and experience to any project. James is a movement - based specialist whose work crosses a multitude of different settings from community to professional. Josh is a digital visual arts specialist whose working portfolio spans both large - and small - scale public and private events.

Chloe Collins

My name is Chloe Collins, I am a Kent-based artist studying a Fine Art Degree at UCA Canterbury. I am a very experimental artist, I do a lot of abstract work but also go back to doing realistic portraits. I love to be able to explore every avenue possible to me using as many different mediums. I am heavily portrait-based, because I love being able to capture emotions in people's faces. I aspire to be able to work creatively in the community and with people.


Wordsmithery is an independent literary arts organisation and publisher run by Sam Hall and Barry Fentiman Hall. Sam and Barry have both been writing since childhood; Wordsmithery was founded with the aim of encouraging more people to get into writing and reading, and to work on interesting literary projects with individuals and community groups. Since starting Wordsmithery, Sam and Barry have managed over 100 literature projects and events in Kent and London. They are currently curating The Empty Chair poetry trail for the Dickens 150 celebrations on behalf of Medway Council.


futureCoders founder Karen learned to code as a teenager in the 1970s. Karen had an opportunity to turn this into a career through a company willing to invest in young talent and the relatively high availability of courses. This led to a software development career working on 3D kitchen design software on the early Apple Mac computers and followed this with 25 years of teaching in further and higher education. Karen started futureCoders, a Medway-based social enterprise, to try to build similar opportunities now for people to progress into careers in software development, especially where university is not a chosen or viable route.

Sophie Stone

Sophie Stone is a composer of experimental music based in Ashford, Kent. Her interests include open and graphic notation, drone and ambient music, field recordings, improvisation, modes of listening, and experiences of silence and environment. Her creative practice explores alternative presentations of music and engagement with audiences such as installations and online performance. Sophie’s recent projects include postcard-sized pieces (2020-), a set of open instrumentation and duration scores, and Amalgamations (2016-), an ongoing series of graphic scores for varied instrumentation. Sophie is a practice research PhD candidate at Canterbury Christ Church University exploring multiplicity through notation, listening, silence and interpretation.


SparkedEcho is a grassroots music organisation working with some of the most marginalised groups in Kent and Sussex. Co-founded by Kevin Grist and Janet Moore, we use sound-based arts as a tool for social change. Through local partnerships, we produce powerful experiences that push the boundaries of live, digital and participatory arts. We are the producers of Electric Medway. Recent work includes Solace 360 VR experience with Karen Tilley, Beneath Water sound game with MSL Digital, Sonic Classroom with Royal Opera House, Sea Folk Sing tour with Ideas Test, and NightWatchers opera with Fat Lady Opera.

Nick Ashton

Nick Ashton is a professional designer, illustrator and animator with 15 years of experience within the entertainment industry. He has worked with hundreds of international films, including The Hobbit films, the Harry Potter franchise and several Dreamworks animated titles. Nick now creates illustration and animation work through his company. A year ago he joined forces with some very talented Medway-based illustrators and co-created the Kent Illustration Network (KIN). KIN has since been involved with some popular local events and hosted many creative workshops for children and adults alike.

Becky Vincer

Becky Vincer is a community artist and creative producer with a passion for co-creating artwork with participants of all ages, she is skilled at bringing people together to celebrate their skills and ideas. Becky uses a range of artforms to create artworks including collage, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. She enjoys working with communities to create artworks that share local stories and celebrate good things. Becky has recently led workshops for The D-Day Story in Portsmouth, Animate Arts Company, The Gulbenkian, The Horsebridge Arts Centre, Catching Lives and various schools across Kent.

Debbie Sowter

I am an experienced music specialist, choral animateur and inclusive arts practitioner, working with adults and children in my hometown of Medway, I studied Voice Therapy with The British Academy of Sound Therapy at Chichester University In my childhood, having episodes of the high anxiety disorder selective mutism, music became my “voice” and “safe way of communicating.” I recognise the immense value of music as a tool to aid to our overall health and wellbeing. I’ve worked on music projects which include teaching children in South Africa, with the Royal Opera House, and at the Chickenshed Inclusive Theatre Company.

Dizzy O'Dare

Based in Medway, Dizzy O’Dare is a contemporary circus and outdoor theatre company led by Alana Jones and Michael Imerson. Since 2009 they have produced a wide range of work, which has toured extensively and delighted audiences across the globe. They specialise in tightwire, circus, street theatre, events, festivals, walkabout and cabaret.

Alison Neighbour

Alison is a Folkestone-based artist and scenographer from Wales, working in theatre, dance, installation and site responsive practice, locally and internationally. She enjoys working closely with communities and found spaces or outdoor environments, and her focus is always on connection and empathy. She is a resident at Pervasive Media Studio; part of the Open Access Transmedia Creative Europe project; and founder of Bread & Goose. As a year-round sea swimmer. much of her work is inspired by our relationship with water and our natural environment. Current work in development includes: Beacons, a treasure hunt and live performance event for Folkestone; and The (Future) Wales Coast Path, supported by National Theatre Wales.

Fat Lady Opera

Fat Lady Opera launched in 2018 and have been changing the shape of the grand art ever since. The company is committed to making opera encounters that are more accessible, contemporary and relevant to a wider public. Recent projects have included Invisible Opera House, SongTalk, a commission from Cheriton Light Festival and the realisation of two new community operas. Earlier this year the company was awarded ACE funding to explore possibilities of “Opera In the Living Room”. Partly as a result of this investigation the company is now working on the hybrid digital/live new opera Persephone’s Dream with their amazing Chorus of Curious Eyes.

Abigail Clarke & Catherine Joslin

Catherine has been playing the bass guitar for just over a year now through self-teaching and is enjoying every second of it. Abigail learned up to grade 4 in piano and is currently learning grade 3 saxophone with Kent Music. Both of them have also dabbled in other instruments such as the ukulele. They both are very passionate about music, especially songs from the 60s/70s and 80s era. Abigail is a huge Talking Heads fan and Catherine is a huge Kate Bush fan.


Originally found in the back bar of the Good Intent Pub on Sunday afternoons, Minimus evolved as a collaborative space for people interested in experimental and improvised music. Following the sad closure of the GI, it started running performance-based events at other venues. Expect acoustic oddness / disorientated noisescapes / homemade instruments / battery powered electronica / unforeseen audio adventures and strange(er) sounds in a high intensity, but low volume sonic arena.

Jehane Markham

I am a poet, lyricist and dramatist. Radio, TV and Theatre. I wrote the book and songs for two musical plays, THE BIRTH OF PLEASURE and HERMES as well as ON THE RIM OF THE WORLD for the ROH. I enjoy working with musicians and had my own trio for ten years. We played live gigs and made two albums, THE LONDON SERIES and VLADIVOSTOK TO MOSCOW. I was guest poet on Maritime Radio with arts presenter Orchid Bea until lockdown. I have 4 collections of poetry and run poetry workshops in London and Norfolk.

Rowan Illingworth

Hi, I’m Rowan aka Roboi. I started out by learning the guitar, I have always loved making things up and playing and creating with other people. Recently, I have discovered the way I can record multiple versions of things I have played and put them together in a multi-track recording. I mostly play by ear and love crazily different styles, from heavy metal to Pachelbel! Come to think of it, even electric guitars are technology!

Raising Youth

Raising Youth CIC is a community interest company based around being the hub for young individuals to easily access information, opportunities and support services that may be beneficial to them. Our main goals are to ensure that young people have the chance to get their voice heard on issues that affect them and/or their community. We also work on a variety of programmes to benefit young individuals professional and personal development. The whole idea around the company is to ensure young people can become the leaders of our tomorrow.

Robert Jarvis

Described by the Daily Telegraph as “The Brian Eno of Zoos” ROBERT JARVIS' work as a sound artist lies somewhere between that of a composer and a creative researcher. He has worked with the ultrasonic calls of bats, genetic data of plants, insect recordings and birdsong. His installations have involved soundscapes, interactive games, astronomical interpretations, and covid19 transmission data. His work is concerned with encouraging people to rethink their environments and for them to question how they relate to their surroundings. His aim is to open up new worlds for those that come into contact with his work, posing new questions and enticing new appreciations of the sonic landscape. He also plays trombone.


Julie Flower is a leadership and team development consultant, and coach who runs The Specialist Generalist Ltd. She is also an improviser who trains and performs widely with Twinprov, Improbotics (improv meets AI) and Classic Andy. Sarah Davies is a Drama Lecturer/Producer, and Co-Artistic Director of Improv Gym and Loosely Woven Theatre. She teaches/performs extensively with shows including Improbotics, Extreme Improv, City Impro, Twinprov, and Improv After Party. Boyd Branch is an improvisational media and performance specialist. He works across disciplines with scientists, engineers, and artists to develop novel tools, experiences, and pedagogies aimed at fostering adaptive radical social change.


MESS ROOM, established by Wendy Daws and Christopher Sacre, is a creative, inclusive space where we facilitate fun, accessible and innovative artistic workshops. Our open and collaborative approach promotes independence and community-led peer support, where all who work and play with us strive to break down barriers and reduce social isolation. With over 30 years of combined experience working with diverse groups, our artists specialise in supporting deaf and people with hearing loss or blind and visually impaired people to express themselves in new and exciting ways, using a combination of inclusive activities and communication methods, including British Sign Language.

Kate Mechedou, Mrs Bakers Medway Theatre Company

Kate Mechedou specialises in site specific live performance, connecting with people sharing physical space. 16 years as a professional historical interpreter, at the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Dover Castle and heritage sites across the world, came to an abrupt end with Covid-19. An award-winning director, Kate has lived in Luton, in Chatham for 18 years. From 2019, the idea of Mrs Bakers Medway Theatre Company was born - to work with the passing population on the streets of Medway. In our post-Covid future, Kate wants to keep using digital media in parallel with spectacular Medway-based live offers.

From Jenny With Love by LGBTQ+ Creatives

LGBTQ+ Creatives

LGBTQ+ Creatives from Ideas Test, is a Live Well Kent innovation project funded by Porchlight. We are a group of young LGBTQ+ people (ages 16 to 25) working on an awareness project for the Swale area. Our aim is to raise awareness to and for the LGBTQ+ young people. We want to change how LGBTQ+ are seen and heard. We have researched different creative mediums and decided on theatre for our project. This project is led by the LGBTQ+ Creatives and has been created by the whole group.

David Jenkin

David Jenkin

David Jenkin (a.k.a JenkoOfficial) is a 24 year old composer and music producer locally here in Medway. His music, which he produces in a range and variety of genres including Dance, Classical and Hip-Hop, is driven by emotion and how he feels. David has been producing music since 2016, beginning his production with classical compositions and branching more into Dance and EDM in recent years.

Livi Wilmore

Livi Wilmore is a Digital Artist and Animator originally from North Wales, who graduated from UCA Rochester with a honours degree in Computer Animation Arts in 2016. She uses digital animation and pixel art to satirise and highlight the absurdities of day to day life and show the beauty in the mundane. She thinks that using digital artwork with video and photo manipulation evokes a stronger emotional response and enhances the depth of storytelling by skirting the line between human and inhuman. By tapping deeper into the uncanny valley she creates a sometimes uncomfortable sense of relatability unique to computer generated work.

Medway African and Caribbean Association

Medway African and Caribbean Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to charity work. The association exists to: promote an awareness of African and Caribbean Culture, through arts, educational and social programmes, primarily for the benefit of its members but also accessible by the wider community.

Kent Music

Kent Music is a charity and lead partner for the music education hub in Kent. They deliver instrumental and vocal teaching, ensemble classes, music labs, county orchestras and choirs alongside the historic Kent Music Summer School for thousands of aspiring young musicians. Kent Music oversee the Music Centre at Fort Pitt School in Chatham. This Autumn, Kent Music lessons and courses will be taking place virtually to ensure everyone can continue to access high-quality music education no matter the circumstances.

Samuel D. Loveless

Samuel D. Loveless

Samuel D. Loveless is a creative, working in a plethora of mediums, predominantly located in the sonic realm as a composer and performer. His composition covers a range of genres challenging the traditional approach to composition, exploring the relationship between performer, space and audience, with accessibility and inclusivity being central to his work. Having graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London as a composer, trumpeter and vocalist, Samuel has progressed on to study a Masters in Composition at the Royal College of Music with a scholarship from the RCM and a Vaughan Williams Bursary.

The Right Step

Based in Medway, The Right Step, provides high quality, well organised, accessible dance opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. We work with many different organisations to create dance in both expected and unusual situations. We have dance teachers, artists, choreographers, facilitators and instructors who are here to help. We enjoy joining local initiatives to create opportunities to dance for all ages.

Lydia Reid

Lydia Reid is a Kent-based storyteller and animator who primarily works with digital frame-by-frame animation. Her practice revolves around themes of self-love, often delving into contentious topics such as gender, freedom and self-perception. She mixes analogue and digital techniques and often uses a free, spontaneous approach to her practice to correlate with her themes. The characters that she creates and the environments they interact with are often influenced by relatable experiences, which she finds the audience can empathise with. She finds that injecting humour into her work is an effective medium to help contrast the sometimes heavy topics she chooses to explore.

Dynamics and Medway Music Association

Dynamics - The Medway Music Education Hub CIC and Medway Music Association work in close partnership to provide musical opportunities for Medway’s Children and Young People. Dynamics teaches over 15,000 children on a weekly basis through its various in-school programmes and supports Medway Music Association to deliver a huge range of activities, including Music Centres, Medway Ensembles, Holiday Courses and amazing Festivals and Concerts, for thousands of young musicians.


Dis-Quiet is part of Swale Big Music Takeover, a music literacy project by Ideas Test funded by Youth Music, where young people express themselves through music, sounds, lyrics and words.