19-28 August 2022

David Jenkin and Angel Rose

Angel Rose is a photographer and videographer based in Maidstone. Her work, particularly her video projects, centres on capturing the calming elements of nature like the flowing of a stream or fish swimming in a pond. Her photography projects have ranged from landscape, animals, architecture and events.

David Jenkin is a music producer and composer operating within Medway Towns. He has been composing music for 5+ years, exploring multiple musical genres such as Dance, Hip-Hop and Classical. David featured in the inaugural festival last year with his audio-visual collaboration with SparkedEcho and Electric Medway Co-Director, Janet Moore with ‘Take Me Back to the Sun’.

Angel and David will be creating The Ebb and Flow – an audiovisual piece for this years’ Electric Medway, which characterises the movement of varying bodies of water, with a binaural soundscape for an intimate and immersive experience through headphones.