19-28 August 2022


A synthwave social event in the South of the U.K founded by A.U.W of RetroSynth Records.

Our primary aim with D U S K W A V E S is to provide a platform for synthwave based artists in the U.K. to get themselves heard through live events.

We are looking to provide a route for artists who might not be as well established in the scene to play live, and also to those who want to contribute to broadening the depth of the synthwave scene, and feature at attended venues and through regular live-streaming of our events, with help from our partners at RetroSynth Records.

By establishing a pool of dedicated artists, D U S K W A V E S aims to be a front runner in grassroots live synth music; providing artists with an established brand under which they can perform, at scheduled events and venues. We are open to multiple sub-genres of synthwave, and would like to see creative performances where possible.