19-28 August 2022

Sonic Palimpsest

Sonic Palimsest

Aki Pasoulas is an electroacoustic composer and the Director of Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre at the University of Kent. He is a Senior Lecturer and the Principal Investigator of the AHRC-funded project ‘A Sonic Palimpsest: Revisiting Chatham Historic Dockyards’. His research includes acousmatic music, time perception, psychoacoustics, spatial sound and soundscape ecology. His scholarly and music works are published through EMI/KPM, ICMA, Sonos Localia, HELMCA, Stolen Mirror, Cambridge and Oxford University Press. Aki received honourable mentions at international composition competitions, and his music is continuously selected and performed at key events worldwide. (https://akipasoulas.com)


Brona Martin is an electroacoustic composer and sound artist from Banagher, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Her compositions explore narrative in electroacoustic music, acoustic ecology and spatialisation techniques through the creation of metaphorical and real-world representations of soundscapes. She also explores how creative music technology can be more inclusive and diverse through the facilitation of community engagement projects. Brona is currently a Research Associate at the University of Kent, on the AHRC funded project ‘A Sonic Palimpsest: Revisiting Chatham Historic Dockyards’. She is also a member of the SOUND/IMAGE Research group at the University of Greenwich. (http://www.bronamartin.org/)


Andrew Knight-Hill is a composer of electroacoustic music and audio-visual works. He is the Co-Investigator of the AHRC-funded project ‘A Sonic Palimpsest’. His works are composed with materials captured from the human and natural world, seeking to explore the beauty in everyday objects. He is particularly interested in how these materials are interpreted by audiences, and how these interpretations relate to our experience of the real and the virtual. He is Senior Lecturer in Sound Design and Music Technology at the University of Greenwich, director of the Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert Series and convenor of the SOUND/IMAGE conference. (www.ahillav.co.uk)