19-28 August 2022



Help us nurture Medway's digital talent

Every year, the festival aims to support local artists and young people to develop skills in new and immersive technologies such as augmented reality, VR, spatial audio, animation and games. We do this through investing in a Medway Hack artist playspace, an annual schools programme, placement opportunities for graduates and offering artist coaching and residencies for young people aged 14-25. It is estimated that the Thames Gateway Production Corridor will create 50,000 creative industry jobs in the coming years. With your support, we can ensure digital talent stays, and grows, in Medway.

What people say

"It made me challenge myself, I’d never had a commission of this kind or a track of this length and it was my first piece of paid music."


"In a time of chaos and uncertainty it's been great to have the creative coaching sessions. It's been uplifting to say the least, to speak with an artist in the local community, to share ideas and gain advice on how to progress in my career. The sessions have been so valuable."


"I developed tech skills in visual effects, video, using a green screen. First time I’ve been part of a festival."

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