19-28 August 2022

Creative Arts Exhibition by North Kent College

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  • Date: 05/09/2020
  • Venue: Online

A showcase of North Kent College Creative Digital Design students

Creative Arts Exhibition by North Kent College

This exhibition of work was created by the Creative Digital Design students at North Kent College for their end of year exhibition. It features work from Graphics Design and Illustration students, Motion Graphic and Animation students and 3D Design and Architecture students. We hope you enjoy the work and feel free to see more of the work or follow us on @nkc_design.

The Motion Graphics and Animation showreel is here.

Alex focused on his unique ideas with a political view to make the world a better place. His work stood out with bold and vivid colours. 

Charlie's ideas matched with his digital skills has placed him high in the MGA ranking this year as he's made a promising start to his career. His final work showed his commitment to emerging design.

Mia used her imaginative ideas to bring her own characters to life. She specialised in character design and concept art and is planning on working in the industry to pursue this.

Mishel is exceptional concept artist with a drawing style that made her work jump off the page with detail and charisma. She loves dragons and created her own world with her artwork.

Ben has shown all-round ability to produce interesting work from a range of briefs this year.

Abbie Corner's designs focus on paganism through a series of illustrations.

Chloe Tyler has developed branding ideas for a restaurant that changes with the seasons.

Chloe Tyler has developed branding ideas for a restaurant that changes with the seasons.

James Stapleton-Wale's work is inspired by deep sea diving and the perils that divers face when undertaking this challenge.

Kieran Edwards showcases a merchandise design for a competition at Millwall Football Club.

Conor Gregory's work focuses on the idea of self-promotion.

Shea Gardner's work focuses on helping those with anxiety and depression through a series of ball point pen illustrations.

Martin Bui explores the Tokyo Olympics 2021 branding.