19-28 August 2022

Interactions by Lydia Reid

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  • Date: 01/09/2020
  • Venue: Online

Festival artist Lydia Reid shows us how she created the Play ident


I chose the theme Interactions for this series as this whole festival is about how we interact with digital art in person and also virtually. I wanted to explore the different ways that we interact with each other and objects to celebrate how we can use different forms of digital art to interact with each other. I aimed to give a small sense of the energy of Electric Medway through these animations so wanted to make them engaging, fun and of course, digital. I found creating this series fun and challenging, I normally create short films so it was hard creating pieces of work that were engaging and also only around 2 seconds long each. I love pushing myself to use animation in all of its forms and making a series of GIFs was something new and very exciting for me!

Connection GIF