19-28 August 2022

Persephone’s Dream – 3D fragments by Fat Lady Opera

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  • Date: 03/09/2020
  • Venue: Online

Listen to a 3D sound piece offering fragments of a new opera

Persephone's Dream - 3D fragments by Fat Lady Opera

A glimpse into the interior fabric of Persephone’s Dream, a new opera that explores mass hibernation and the unintended consequences of withdrawal. This 3D sound piece takes the listener deeper into the landscape of our collective dreamlike.

Created for Fat Lady Opera and SparkedEcho by Anna Braithwaite using fragments of music from the opera Persephone’s Dream. Opera conception by Tania Holland Williams, composition by Gavin Alexander and Kevin Grist. Cello played by Clare O’Connell. Improvised vocals by Anna Braithwaite.

You can get tickets for the live show on 18 September here performed at Cockpit Theatre and online, part of the Tetê Â Tetê Opera Festival.

*Instructions: Listen through headphones to enjoy the binaural audio*