19-28 August 2022


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  • Date: 20/08/2022
  • Time: 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Venue: The Tack Room Intra and Sun Pier House, Chatham

Multiple artists transform parts of the Old High St Intra into spaces of light, sound, games and film.

It’s Saturday night on the Old High St Intra in Chatham! Come and visit The Tack Room Intra and Sun Pier House as they get taken over by more than 22 artists. Expect big projections, interactive media, sound art and more. Outside and indoors. Free entry.

Did you know? This event coincides with Medway Pride Fringe happening at other venues on the same street where you can see even more events.


The Tack Room Intra

Collaborative works by UK and Brazilian-based artists will run in a looping schedule of projected video with experimental, electronic, spoken word, tabla and dub soundtracks, PLUS live improvised sonic interruptions featuring hydrophonic recordings AND an online sound stream from a hydrophone submerged in the nearby River Medway. Hypnotic and mesmeric works that shift perception, slipping between intertidal realms of rhythm and myth.

Featured Artists:

  • Live improvisation: Undine, Standish & Von Bergdorf
  • Audio-visual: Simon Martin, Isabel Nogueira, Jane Pitt, Samuel Randhawa
  • Soundmirror installation: Jane Pitt
  • Live Streamed Hydrophone: Jane Pitt using CRiSAP/Streambox.


Sun Pier House Tea Room
6.30pm-7.15pm Odds On
7.30pm-10.30pm Virtual Gallery / River Runner

Odds On

Watch Dante of Die’s new interactive, multiple choice film that takes you into the world of online gambling. Parental guidance 14+ Log in to Pearls of Fortune for a game’s-eye-view of how your fellow players are REALLY doing. Hosted by Ideas Test.

River Runner

Play this exclusive 2D video game set on the River Medway, jumping, sliding, phasing and smashing obstacles to gain the highest score. Developed by student collective Retro-Grade: Adam Felton, Beth Hunt, Bradley Charles, George Lyst, Tilli Saunders and Sam Trevallion from Canterbury Christ Church University.

Virtual Gallery

Try out this engaging virtual gallery, available on screen and via VR headsets, featuring diverse works from 7 artists working in audio, animation, 3D and photography. Artists: Keith Tomlins, Kyra Cross, Connor Ross, Jez Wheeler, Tobi Okandi and Anne Yoncha. Curated and built by Electric Medway.


Sun Pier House Community Space
Muscle Mary

Jake Wood invites you to an immersive experience of projection and performance that brings his current research on bodybuilding and queerness to the digital, using the river as a catalyst for meditation and slapstick actions. Muscle Mary is a character created by Wood, but in general terms means: a gay man who has prominent, well-developed muscles. Jake is a Digital Associate of Electric Medway, and this is a continuation of his work from a recent residency with Home Live Art.


Sun Pier House Carpark
River of Tales / Jon Schwochert / Neon River / Prayers

River of Tales

Using stories gathered from Medway residents, Cybersaur Arts will project a river of light onto buildings, spotlighting the unheard voices of those living near the water.

Jon Schwochert

Inspired by the river and surrealism, Jon Schwochert presents an otherworldly animation for projection by anthropomorphising the River Medway.

Neon River

Curated and built by Electric Medway, the under-carpark is turned into a glowing river of neon, set to a flowing soundscape bed.


Two projected films from Margherita Gramegna of 51 Zero respond to Rochester Mass, with stunning scenes of the river. Featuring a new mass composed by James Taylor and performed at Rochester Cathedral and The South Bank.


How to get here

The Tack Room Intra:
The Tack Room is an artist run collective based in Hulkes Lane, in the Intra area between Rochester and Chatham. Full address: Hulkes Lane, ME1 1EE. There is no parking available in Hulkes Lane. The nearest pay car park is Eason’s Yard, Doust Way (5 minutes). Chatham Waterfront Bus Stop is a 10 minute walk. Chatham Station is 12 minutes. Accessible: Unfortunately, due to the historic nature of the area, Hulkes Lane and the Tack Room are not fully wheelchair accessible. Some of the artworks are installed outside. The walk to Sun Pier House is 7 minutes.

Sun Pier House:
Sun Pier, Medway Street, Chatham, ME4 4HF.
Sun Pier House overlooks the River Medway and is home to artist studios, an exhibition gallery, events space, hire rooms, cafe and workshop space. Due to the car park being used for projections, there will be no parking available at Sun Pier House during Lightspaces. The nearest pay car park is St John’s (3 minutes), which is open until 1am. Chatham Waterfront Bus Stop is a 6 minute walk. Chatham Station is 8 minutes. Accessible: The artworks in the carpark area are wheelchair accessible. The artworks inside Sun Pier House are on the first and second floor and unfortunately there is currently no lift (this is in development). The walk to the Tack Room Room Intra is 7 minutes.